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NBA 2K21 – NBA 2K League Draft Happening On March 13th

NBA 2K21 2K League Draft is taking place on March 13th when more than 250 contenders will battle to get one of 62 available spots.

NBA 2K21 NBA 2K League is entering its fourth season. It begins with the League Draft. This event will be taking place on March 13th. It’s a virtual event but you can watch it live on Twitch and YouTube. At this point, there are 23 teams in the league. The draft is the process through which the teams pick their players. An NBA 2K League team has six players. This means that there are 138 players in total. After the 2020 season, 76 players stayed with their teams. This means that there are 62 spots left. Let’s see how the draft will take place. It will have four rounds. The first team who gets to pick its players first is Lakers Gaming. The second pick goes to Pacers Gaming. The Gen. G Tigers of Shanghai go third. The next teams are Pistons GT, Celtics Crossover Gaming, Heat Check Gaming, Hornets Venom GT, and so on. If you are curious to see the entire draft order, you can head to the official NBA 2K League website.

This draft event will take place online. A hundred contenders and the team representatives will join the broadcast. They are located all around the world. The select picks will be announced by Brendan Donohue, League president. This year’s draft pool has more than 250 aspirants. The selection includes the players who have not kept their team spots from the last season but also new prospects. Several events such as NBA 2K League Draft Prospect Series, NBA 2K League Women in Gaming, and various tournaments from the last two off-seasons gave more players the chance to get a spot for the draft. In addition, good players from the community that have drawn the attention of League officials are also part of the draft. Those who watch the stream will have access to more than just the draft. The multiple viewing options give fans the chance to check out League content such as the Draft Hopefuls and NBA 2KL: Drive to Draft series. Several 2K community members and well-known players will be present as well. It will be a show to remember so make sure to tune in and watch it. Don’t forget about the timezone difference. The draft is taking place at 19:00 ET. You can use online resources to see what that means for your local time. The NBA 2K League grows with each year. We are eager to see what this season will bring.

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